Introducing the



 Innovation Process 

The catalyst for our new JUBILEE RANGE was the information and feedback we gathered directly from our accommodation clients across New Zealand.

We took our findings to our overseas mill, and discussed the details with their design team in order to develop a commercial luxury towel for upmarket accommodation. The result is our new JUBILEE RANGE – beautiful towels designed to reflect the expectations of those used to global luxury accommodation, right here, in New Zealand.

 Towel Features

Embrace the luxury of the JUBILEE RANGE

    -    Feel the opulence of the specially crafted 100% combed cotton double yarn

    -    Our unique dense construction makes the towel low lint, no pill and highly absorbent

The long staple cotton fibre is combed, and two yarns are twisted to make one double yarn which is used not only for the base of the towel but also for the loops. This gives the JUBILEE towel its high tensile strength and plush feel.

Both factors improve the life span of the towel and maintain an even texture with no scattered loops, even after repeated washing.

The JUBILEE towel is double needle lock stitched on all four sides (rather than the standard two) for more strength. The effective twill pattern completes the palatial look.

JUBILEE towels are made on the latest Italian Vamatex Silver Dyna looms at a state of the art plant in India. The plant facilities score highly on the environmental index, with zero discharge and maximum water and energy efficiency.

This towel is already in use at leading super deluxe 5 star properties in Dubai, as well as boutique accommodation in Venice.


 Wash Care 

The JUBILEE towel range comes pre washed and carton packed.

The towel can be washed at up to 60 degrees C and easily handles mild peroxide bleaching to remove make-up, body lotions and sunscreen. Adding hydrophilic softener and fabric conditioner, plus tumble drying, improves the feel of the towel.

 Quality guaranteed

We are proud to stand behind the exceptional quality of our JUBILEE RANGE. The range has been fully tested by NZWTA and recognised for its minimal shrinkage (less than 3.1%), far exceeding the acceptable fabric burst strength (by 43%) and also surpassing the loop slippage test (by 37%).