60 years in business

DC Rosser & Co Ltd specialises in sourcing and supplying commercial towels, sheets and other textile items to the New Zealand market. We’ve been 100% New Zealand owned and operated since Des Rosser established our company in 1955.

In 2011, we combined our offices, showroom and warehousing into one new facility on the North Shore in Auckland, making our customer service even more effective.

We build relationships to last

We are keen listeners. We travel up and down New Zealand visiting our customers regularly so we can fully understand their business needs and get feedback on our products. We gauge our success as a business by our ability to not only meet their expectations, but most importantly - that of their guests.

Our relentless attention and dedication to what really matters to our customers has fostered business relationships spanning more than 20 years.

Constant innovation

We keep our fingers on the pulse of global hospitality trends and every year we visit our overseas suppliers so we know what’s new and exciting.

Our sales team is out there constantly asking our customers questions, looking for new ideas and opportunities.

This ongoing dialogue motivates us and forms the basis for innovation of new products.

Tourism trends in New Zealand

New Zealand is becoming one of the leading tourist destinations in our increasingly global community. Visitors arrive with high expectations based on world-wide trends and are increasingly more discerning in terms of accommodation.

We are excited to be able to contribute products which help present New Zealand as a desirable travel destination, and to be a part of this industry.

Our current customers include

Hotel Chains, Resorts, Boutique Lodges, Motels, Gyms, Leisure Centres, Commercial Laundries, Hospitals, Rest Homes and Promotional Companies. We’ve also sent textile products to Australia, the Pacific Islands and the USA.

We enjoy what we do and look forward to working with you and your business.