Chris Rosser




It seems my 22 years as a Director of

D C Rosser & Co Ltd have gone in a flash.  

I think this may be because I still so enjoy

helping our customers find the right textile

products for their business needs.


It gives me great personal satisfaction to

work closely with our team to help our

customers businesses to grow and flourish.


As a Company we have always been

passionate about textiles.   It is really neat

to be closely involved in an industry where

there are so many nice people.   



Nitin Kailani  

General Manager  

Sales & Product Development


Nitin joined our company in 2012 and

brings with him more than 20 years experience

in textiles. He has worked with some of the

largest towel manufacturers in the world

including Trident.


His extensive experience in manufacturing led to

the development of some of our new ranges, with

a vision to bring the best and latest global trends

to the New Zealand commercial accomodation

segment. He visits our manufacturers every

year to learn more of the ever evolving textile



Based in Auckland, Nitin regularly travels our

country visiting North Island and South Island

customers which include commercial laundries,

hospitals, hotels and motels.



Ben Rosser

Sales & Marketing Director




Henry Chang

Operations Manager




Lynne Rosser

Office Administrator




Sumit Sharma

Logistics and Supply Manager